JC Salon & Spa



Hi Everyone,   Some information regarding Business Services.

1. Preferable Mode of communication is by booking Online under APPOINTMENT BOOK. In the NOTE section please inform me what service would you like, your availability, or any other information relevant to your service. There is a possibility most of the Time Slots will not be available, please give me your open time and day options so I can work around them. You can also email me , text me. I will try to accommodate you to the best.

2. Payment accepted : Cash, Debit, Credit        

3. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for : Abusive, Disrespectful, Sexual Misconduct Behaviour. Be respectful to each other.


 Massage Therapy 

  • Please come around 10-15 minutes earlier than your appointment time to fill out your forms, Otherwise delayed time will affect duration of your total treatment time.
  • If you have Extended Healthcare Benefits, you can claim your benefit charge directly with your Insurance Provider, as I can submit Online for applicable ones. If there is a difference, you pay at the clinic. 
  • If you don't have the benefits, you are also welcome to the clinic.
  • It is a Regulated Healthcare Profession in Ontario, so everyone is welcome to the clinic.
  • Please book Online at APPOINTMENT BOOK Tab.